Mauricio J Rodriguez

Music Resources 
Are you a beginning student or an experienced musician, but are still interested in improving your skills? Or maybe it is your dream to play at a professional level regardless of your actual expertise? 

I'm offering private one-to-one lessons, as well as online lessons through The Zoen. Try the free trial lesson and welcome to the future of education.

I've been teaching professional bass players for over twenty-five years, and holds the degree of Master of Music Performance conferred by the University of South Florida. I'm located in the Tampa Bay  area. 

Also in this page I've included some technical resources to share with you and open a communication channel to discuss the ideas exposed here. 

I arrived to this conclusion through my years of experience and the need of find different approach to a better understands the Double Bass and Electric Bass technical possibilities. 

I hope you will find this material helpful and useful in your professional development.  

This is my arrangement of My Funny Valentine for Electric Bass (six strings) and Vocal. I recorded the bass and Keturah Allyson the voice. It is written in piano staff for easy reading. The fugue section is the only one where three tracks were recorded individually: