Mauricio J Rodriguez

Born in Camaguey, Cuba in 1960 Mauricio J. Rodriguez is one of the most influential bass players of his generation in Cuba. He started his studies at the age of 13 in the Provincial School of Art in Camaguey and graduated in the Center of Professional and Artistic Achievement in Camaguey. His professors include Silvio Vergara, Orstes Urfé, Rafael Lay, and Armando Romeo, who were important figures in the historic development of Cuban music.

Influenced by the musical movements of the 70s and 80s he had the opportunity to play different kinds of music, from classical to jazz. This has given him knowledge of different styles that allow him to adapt to any artistic demand.

In 1989 he moved back to his hometown to work as Assistant Principal Bass in the Camaguey Symphony Orchestra, where participates in II, IV y V National Festivals of Symphonies Orchestras; I y II National Chamber Music Festivals; I Festival of Contemporary Music, performing for the first time as a soloist Pedro Martinez Acosta's Double Bass master piece; recording of the first music production of the Camaguey Symphony Orchestra. At the same time he starts as a teacher of double bass and electric bass for the Center of Professional and Artistic Achievement in Camaguey.

After three years of playing with the symphony he joins Miguel Escalona’s quartet, who was co-founder of the Nueva Trova movement in Cuba along with Pablo Milanes and Silvio Rodríguez. With this band he was involved in many tours around the country, including TV and radio shows.

Stimulated by the jazz movement of the 80s he joined Fervet Opus as bass player; this was one of the most important Latin-jazz quartets in Cuba. With this band he made many national and international tours, including presentations in the I and II Camaguey’s popular music festivals; VII, VIII, IX, XI and XII Festivals Jazz Latino Plaza in Havana, Cuba.; International Festival of Popular Music Varadero ’88, Jazz Jamboree, Bratislava and Belgrade, where also performed great artists such as Arturo Sandoval, Irakere, Gonzalo Ruvalcaba, Dizzie Guillespie, Herbie Hancock, Michael Camilo, Miles Davis, Itchy Fingers, Steve Coleman, Phil Woods and many more internationally renowned jazz musicians.
They were members of the Cuban Artistic Delegation, which offered concerts in the Columbus Center of Madrid, Spain, in tribute to the 500-years anniversary of the discovery of America. Other important events of this period are the First International Guitar Festival in Cuba, and the First National Saxophone Festival.

 With Fervet Opus he intervened in the music co-production of the ballet Altazor of choreographer Lazaro Martinez, with the first dancer of ballet National of Cuba of Alicia Alonso, Jorge Esquivel, and actor Adolfo Llauradó. He has also recorded music composed for Julian Blanco and Raul Noriega for Ballet and Theater.

Due to his professional achievement he was assigned to the following activities: teacher and national supervisor for the Center of Professional and Artistic Achievement in Camaguey and the eastern region of Cuba, member of the National Evaluation Commission for professional musicians in Cuba, technical supervisor for the Cuban Music Institute, and member of jury in music colleges.

 Once he finished with the quartet Fervet Opus he joined as double bass the classical string quintet "Union" of Cuba for over 3 years, and moves to Venezuela under a contract as a Master of bass section of the Aragua Symphony Orchestra. 
During this period he did clinics and seminars of double bass, composition, orchestration and arranging techniques. His compositions and arrangements were performed by the Aragua Symphony Orchestra on its Jazz Third Event, also in regulars recording and concerts. He taught harmony at the UPEL Institute, electric bass and double bass, harmony and orchestration seminars at the Opera Theater, in Maracay, Edo. Aragua, Venezuela.

In the year 2001 he moves to Tampa, where he keeps developing professionally and has worked with the band Bayside, which was the house band of Starship for over 7 years. Currently, he is part of the Latin jazz quintet Guisando Caliente with musicians such as Kenny Drew, Jr; John Jenkins, Frankie Pinero and Jeff Rupert. He is also performing at the First United Methodist Church of St Petersburg and teaching at the Tarpon Spring High School as adjunct instructor.
In 2011 he obtaiedn his Master of Music Performance degree in the specialty of double bass from the University of South Florida, where he studied under the tutelage of professors Dee Moses and Mark Neuenschwander. 
He is currently completing his second master degree in Studio Jazz Writing at the University of Miami with The professors Gary Lindsay and Chris Boardman